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25 Niche Website Packs

Each Niche has two separate ZIP files. The “WEBSITE” file contains everything you need for the complete website. The “EXTRAS” file contains the PhotoShop file, the Editable Guide files, and the Social Media Cover files.

You may view actual samples here before you download.

  • Laser Hair Removal (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Laser_Hair_Removal_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Laser_Hair_Removal_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Divorce Lawyer (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Divorce_Lawyer_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Divorce_Lawyer_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Roofing Company (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Roofing_Company_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Roofing_Company_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Wedding Photographer (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Wedding_Photographer_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Wedding_Photographer_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Teeth Whitening (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Teeth_Whitening_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Teeth_Whitening_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • HVAC (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”HVAC_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”HVAC_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Massage Therapist (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Massage_Therapist_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Massage_Therapist_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Plumbing Company (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Plumbing_Company_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Plumbing_Company_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Hair Salon (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Hair_Salon_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Hair_Salon_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Bankruptcy_Lawyer_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Bankruptcy_Lawyer_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Real Estate Agent (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Real_Estate_Agent_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Real_Estate_Agent_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Tax Preparer (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Tax_Preparer_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Tax_Preparer_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Certified Public Accountant (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”CPA_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”CPA_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Lawn Care Services (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Lawn_Care_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Lawn_Care_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Fence Company (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Fence_Company_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Fence_Company_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Carpet Cleaning (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Carpet_Cleaning_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Carpet_Cleaning_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Replacement Windows (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Replacement_Windows_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Replacement_Windows_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • DUI Attorney (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”DUI_Attorney_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”DUI_Attorney_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • General Contractor (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”General_Contractor_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”General_Contractor_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Personal Injury Attorney (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Personal_Injury_Attorney_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Personal_Injury_Attorney_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Wedding Planner (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Wedding_Planner_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Wedding_Planner_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Limo Services (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Limo_Services_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Limo_Services_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Debt Repair (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Debt_Repair_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Debt_Repair_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Insurance Agent (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Insurance_Agent_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Insurance_Agent_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]
  • Financial Planner (ZIP Files) [sonic url=”Financial_Planner_WEBSITE.zip”]WEBSITE[/sonic] <-> [sonic url=”Financial_Planner_EXTRAS.zip”]EXTRAS[/sonic]

NOTE: There is a timer for these downloads. Please download the files above within 5 minutes of opening this page or you may receive an error. If you see an error message, simply refresh your browser and you’ll be able to download.



1) Download and Unzip the file on your local computer. If you need an unzipping program, you can get one free here – http://www.7-zip.org

2) Create a password – Open the unzipped folder and look in the custom folder for the index.php file. Open this file in a plain text editor like Notepad (do not use a word processor as it will add unwanted characters). You’ll see the password near the top of the page. It is currently set to “ChangeThisPassword”. Change the password to your own, without disturbing the other text/code around it. Save the file.

3) Upload all the files and folders that are inside the [WEBSITE] folder, to your domain host in the root directory. If you do not have a hosting account, you can get one here.

4) Navigate to YourDomain.com/custom

5) Use “admin” as the username, and the password you created in step 2 to log in (case sensitive).

6) Customize the site using the Dashboard.



How to Install the Niche Websites

How to Set Up The “Featured Websites” Section

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