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The Local Domain Empire system is making money for those who actually put it in action. You have in your hands everything you need to sell or rent domain/properties on a consistent basis.

John Carter Austin Miller Shawn Hansen


The Local Domain Empire course is based on my real experiences as a professional domainer, and also based on the knowledge of others who have been selling local domain names for years.

Local domain names are a VERY hot commodity now, and will be for years to come as businesses recognize the need to compete online. Most of my experience is in selling domains “in the raw”, meaning just the domain name itself with no other attributes. 

I felt there had to be a much easier way to sell “without real selling” so it would open the field to many more people who wanted to enter the domaining business but were not interested in hard sales.

Local Domain Empire was born. The niche-specific websites we use in this system have two main purposes: 

 1) To be extremely appealing to “brick & mortar” businesses.

 2) To be extremely QUICK and effortless to set up.

In a mere 90 seconds, depending on your internet connection speed, you can have a gorgeous fully functional website installed. The proprietary dashboard built into each website makes it incredibly easy to customize the site by simply filling in a few simple fields and clicking a few options. I’ve heard it many times by people who have extensively tested our sites – “it’s absolutely brilliant”.

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding our products, please contact me at the support link above.

Now get busy – I want to hear your success story!

Yours for success,

Gene Pimentel


Special thanks goes out to my awesome group of testers, who helped me create and fine-tune the perfect Niche Website Packages for you. Many, many hours, weeks and months went into development, and lots of live testing was done. In no particular order:

Zane Miller
Tube Method
Shawn Hansen
Indie Book Marketer
John Carter Sr.
Bar Parts
Dave Gammage
Domain Thrive
 Austin Miller
John Carter Jr.
Bryan Winter

Thank you all. I appreciate you!

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